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Clan is a project that sprouted in early 2019 in an attempt to explore other ways of presenting my images. More by chance rather than pursuit, Clan started to become a place where I could put all my creative ideas into, creating a new visual world of my own.

The brand’s whole concept was a very clear and simple one: my photographs printed in elastic fabrics. Being a photographer I felt excited to work and experiment with my own prints.

Coming from 3 previous generations dedicated to the textile industry, it was only natural to come back to it and integrate it into my work. Tradition and heritage seem to be recurrent themes in my practice. 

Four years after, what started as an experiment has solidified and become an international brand that holds several selling points around the world. Particularly popular in Japan and South Korea,  as well as other markets such as America, Europe, China and the UK, where Clan is based.  

Clan has personally allowed me to expand my knowledge not only in the creative field - which I was already a part of as a photographer - but also in the world of design, manufacture and print making. From designing the pieces, prints and selecting the fabrics to developing the creative concepts, shoots and finding the right collaborators for the brand. 

First collection 

face print

commissioned Flor Violeta Sobrequés

by Cristina Stohle

commissioned Alvaro Arisó

Lamu and Diva&Daniel

Lamu top

Diva&Daniel top 

commissioned Adrian Catalán

Onda dresses

by Yolanda Mitchell

Video for the presentation of the Onda print – in collaboration with the artist Julia Creuheras. 


Print development 

Rubedo pieces 

Gwen Trannoy campaign images

Opio pieces


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Photography, consulting& creative direction